Warriors All Stars on PlayStation 4

By: Koei Ltd | Platform: PlayStation 4 | Rating: PEGI-16

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Warriors All-Stars tells the tale of a mysterious land brought to the brink of destruction when a magical spring, the source of its power, dries up after its king's passing. Following a legend that calls for the summoning of champions from other realms in times of dire need, the young princess Tamaki performs a ritual that goes horribly wrong when her powers spiral out of control, scattering the heroes across the domain. Emboldened to restore peace to the world, Tamaki must recruit the best and strongest among these visitors to revitalize the spring - and crown the land's saviour as its new ruler.

Play as fan-favourite Koei Tecmo characters in an all new Warriors style experience
Ryu Hayabusa from Ninja Gaiden, Kasumi from Dead or Alive, Yukimura Sanada from Samurai Warriors
Zhao Yun from Dynasty Warriors, William from Nioh, Horo and Oka from Toukiden
Use special abilities to get the upper hand in battle
Use chain impacts, unique impressive special attacks which wipe out hordes of enemies
Combination strikes to team up and strike down opponents
Summon skills summon useful allies to give you a hand in battle
Experience everyday life outside of battle in the Base's many facilities
Visit a Training Hall to hone their skills, earn stat bonuses and discuss strategies
Glimpse how universes collide in the Base, where characters from different universes interact

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