Tomodachi Life on Nintendo 3DS

By: Nintendo | Platform: Nintendo 3DS | Rating: PEGI-3

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Bring your Mii to life!

Tomodachi Life is a quirky game starring you and everyone you know on your own island. Make Mii characters of your favourite people and watch surprising things happen as they come to life - they can speak and even say phrases that you write for them! Who will you put in your game? Your parents, your best friend, your grandma, your entire class from school? Populate your very own island with Mii characters and check on them everyday to see what they get up to. Help solve their problems, feed them, dress them and choose what type of apartment they live in. You can even create pop groups and write songs for them to sing in the Concert Hall. Play games with them, give them gifts and even see into their wacky dreams! Watch on as your islanders develop friendships and maybe even fall in love. Will your Tomodachi Island grow with weddings and babies? Tomodachi Life is playable exclusively on Nintendo 3DS, 3DKey Features:

Key Features:

  • Share your experiences of your personal soap opera directly on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr via the Nintendo 3DS Image Share service
  • The dedicated island news network Mii News keeps you up-to-date with the latest news and island gossip
  • Make Mii characters of anyone you want, scan them in via QR codes or import from your Mii Plaza
  • For the first time ever, Mii Characters behave based on the personality traits you select, playing out the drama you set in motion
  • You, your friends and your favourite celebrities can live together in a bustling apartment block
  • Play games with the Mii characters you createS XL and Nintendo 2DS.