Hidden Agenda on PlayStation 4

By: Sony | Platform: PlayStation 4 | Rating: PEGI-16

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Everyone loves a bit of murder, which is why that's the theme for Hidden Agenda. It's just like a classic crime movie, except you get to decide how the story pans out. The decisions you make decide what happens, who lives, and who dies. Yikes.

That sounds like a lot of responsibility, so why not rope some friends in? Hidden Agenda is a PlayLink game so up to six people can play, just by connecting their smartphone or tablet to the PS4 via Wi-Fi. You all work together to solve the mystery and get the killer banged up. But watch out - some players will be assigned HIDDEN AGENDAS, do you see, so you need to keep an eye out and question their motives.

Death, intrigue, betrayal, a tough-talking district attorney, and a killer with big scary googly eyes - Hidden Agenda has got it all.

Key Features
Bye bye buttons – You don't need extra PS4 controllers to play Hidden Agenda with your friends. They can join in with their smartphone or tablet just by downloading the app. And because each player has their own screen the others can't see, there are some interesting twists and turns that not everyone will find out about until it's game over.

Get it together – You can play Hidden Agenda on your own. But like so many things - including tennis, barbecues, and riding a tandem - it's more fun with friends. Imagine a movie night where you all get to decide what happens at the end, and shout at each other for getting it wrong.

Decide your own fate – Hidden Agenda has a branching storyline that involves making choices and dealing with the consequences. It's all about the 'Ripple Effect' - throw a stone into a lake in the Andes, and a butterfly flaps its wings in Croydon, or something. The point is, there are different endings.

Choose how to play – Working with others is a great way to solve problems, which is why Hidden Agenda has a co-operative mode where you make joint decisions. But being in charge and scoring the most points by being devious is also highly entertaining, so there's a competitive mode too.

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