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Flashback/Another World on Xbox One

By: Maximum Games | Platform: Xbox One | Rating: PEGI-12

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Release date: Thursday 16th April 2020

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First released in 1991, Eric Chahi's Another World is a cinematic, story-driven adventure that tells the story on Lester Chaykin Knight, a young physicist blasted into a bizarre parallel universe after a mishap during an experiment. Hitting the ground running, Knight must make his way through this weird new world, dodging or fighting its inhabitants, adapting to every hazard, and hoping to find a way back home.

1992's Flashback is sci-fi cyberpunk thriller about amnesiac Conrad Hart, who awakens in the jungle with little more than a holocube message of himself and a useful handgun. From there begins a thrilling futuristic adventure concerning an alien invasion, an intergalactic conspiracy, and even a trip to a Running Man-style game show.

Both Another World and Flashback were award-winning games, critically acclaimed for their visuals, fluid animation and cinematic approach to story-telling, which was way ahead of its time on release. Still interesting and engaging games today, this double pack will give new fans an opportunity to experience these influential classics.