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Dragons Dogma 2 on PlayStation 5
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Dragons Dogma 2 on PlayStation 5

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Format: PlayStation 5 | Publisher: Capcom | Age Rating: PEGI-18

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Experience the next chapter in role-playing adventures with Dragon's Dogma 2 for the PlayStation 5. This action-packed RPG takes you on an epic journey in a fantastically detailed world, enhanced by the PlayStation 5's cutting-edge technology. Immerse yourself in a story of bravery and mystery, where your choices shape the narrative and your path through this enchanting universe.

  • Delve into the vast and varied landscapes of Dragon's Dogma 2, brought to life with the sophisticated physics and AI enabled by Capcom's renowned RE ENGINE.
  • Assemble a party of Pawns, each with unique abilities, to assist in your quests. Your strategic choices in companions will influence every encounter.
  • Master a variety of vocations, from potent magick wielders to skilled archers or fearless warriors, tailor-made for the immersive experience on the PS5.
  • Engage with a dynamic world where each decision and action impacts your journey, creating a uniquely personal experience in this groundbreaking action-RPG.

Prepare for a game that challenges your creativity and curiosity at every turn. Dragon's Dogma 2 on PlayStation 5 offers unparalleled freedom and a deep, compelling narrative. Define your legacy and embark on a journey where your every choice can lead to a different destiny.

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