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Dead or Alive 6 on PlayStation 4

By: Koei Ltd | Platform: PlayStation 4 | Rating: PEGI-16

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Release date: Friday 15th February 2019

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Product description

2 years after the destruction of the Tri-Towers, the symbol of DOATEC.

DOATEC's leader, Helena Douglas, carries on the wishes of her late father and founder of DOATEC, Fame Douglas, endeavoring to restore the organization.

The Super Human Development Project, led by the mad scientist Victor Donovan, freezes and then dismantled.
The organization has reached its goal of cleaning up its activities... or so it looked.

But Donovan's ambitions did not cease and he continued to work behind the scenes.

M.I.S.T.: a new organization that carries on the advanced biotechnology of DOATEC

Under this new organization, Project Alpha, which used the DNA of Kasumi, kunoichi and a successor of the legendary Mugen Tenshin ninja clan, was moving forward into its next sinister phase.

The 5th DEAD OR ALIVE Tournament announcement from Helena, which was meant to show the bright rebirth of DOATEC to the world, was instead becoming a warning to the rise of the worst nightmare to humankind.... 

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