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Call of Duty Advanced Warfare GOTY on PlayStation 4
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Call of Duty Advanced Warfare GOTY on PlayStation 4

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Dive into the action-packed excitement of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare with this Game of the Year edition, which includes the game and Havoc, the first downloadable content pack for Advanced Warfare


DLC pack includes the Exo Zombies co-op experience, the versatile AE4 directed-energy assault rifle, the AE4 Widowmaker custom variant and four multiplayer maps

Lock and load for the thrilling new Exo Zombies co-op experience, which pits you and your team against a bloodthirsty, ravenous mutant horde infecting an entire secret Atlas research facility

Flex your military muscles in four new multiplayer maps — Core, Urban, Sideshow and Drift

Explore the ravaged ruins of a nuclear fusion plant in the Gobi Desert, eliminate enemies with long-range or close-quarters combat and activate decontamination drones with the map-based scorestreak in the Core multiplayer map

Engage in brutal, high-speed combat in Dallas Ward 3 — the future mega structure, which features a vertical design to funnel players into a close-quarters free-for-all, where the exoskeleton's capabilities can be unleashed in the Urban map

Travel to the Western United States in the Sideshow map, where the open layout of an abandoned motel amplifies the creepy atmosphere, and you'll engage in thrilling close-quarters and long-range battles

Duel it out at a picturesque ski resort in the Rocky Mountains, climb to the contested overwatch position in the glass observation deck, unleash 360° carnage on the carousel and use the map-altering timed event of an avalanche in the Drift map

Unleash a powerful attack with the AE4 directed-energy assault rifle, and use the AE4 Widowmaker custom weapon variant that combines a unique firing mechanism with optimal movement speed and handling

Experience the future of warfare, where Private Military Corporations (PMCs) wield the latest in weapons technology and control the fate of nations for profit

Go inside the mind behind Atlas Corporation — the world's most prominent PMC — in a stunning performance by Academy Award-winning actor Kevin Spacey as Jonathan Irons, the company's founder and president

Don a cutting-edge exoskeleton that allows you to strategize and execute combat tactics like never before with optimized jumping and grappling skills, covert cloaking abilities and enhanced strength, awareness, endurance and speed


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