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America's Secret Operations for PC

Following in the wake of CDV's successful American Conquest, released early in 2003, is the game's first expansion pack, subtitled Fight Back. It offers a ton of new features, so let us tell you RTS purists out there what you can expect.Firstly, Fight Back comes with five new nations, including the Alaskan Haida, the Russians (fighting for control of Alaska), the Portuguese, the Dutch and the Germans, and spans an extensive 26 new campaign missions. However, Germany had a deep-seated interest in the fate of North America in early colonial days through its land purchases in that part of South America is now covered by Venezuela and its neighbours. Troublesome times, then.There is also a completely new game mode. Called Battles, the new game mode gives a fresh perspective to playing American Conquest. In Battles, there is no economy, so players can focus entirely on tactics and war formations. There are various objectives in each Battles mission, which are not tied to historical campaigns, using pre-designed maps. Battles mode is also designed to test the player's mastery of pure military strategy, limiting resources to give an added challenge.American Conquest: Fight Back also boasts new units and ships, and gives one of its new nations, the native Haida, its own individual asset - the totem pole - which the tribe can gather around in order to boost the morale of its troops. It works surprisingly well.Another comprehensive addition from CDV, then' Oh yes.
Title: America's Secret Operations for PC
Stock status: Out Of Stock
Price: £4.85
Official Release Date: 13th October 2008
Delivery Method: Royal Mail 1st Class Standard (FREE)
Product Platform: PC
Publisher: CITY Interactive
Category: Shooting

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